Ep 7 Part 17 January 7th, 2015, 10:00 am
AND WE ARE BACK! For at least this page and the next one...
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The Return!

So it has been two and a half years... Didn't realize it had actually been that long until yesterday, but yeah.

I figured I'd at least finish the episode, finished scripting it out yesterday evening and made parts 17 and 18 this morning. 18 should be released tomorrow.

Going to try to script out Episode 8, though I'm not 100 percent sure what I want to do in that episode...

Also I hope you like the new format, I decided to rework it since the old one was well... old. Got rid of the items because to be honest, if anyone wants to know what he has I could just reply with it. No real point in keeping something that will only update every few dozen panels...

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