Ep 7 Part 5 February 15th, 2012, 12:00 am
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Author Comments:

Ok, to get everyone's attention, im going to post this here, and on Friday's comic, just to make sure there is a little bit of warning.

Im thinking of changing my upload schedual to make the comic move along faster, however im not sure if I should, and if I do, how I should. So I want to take a vote, im going to stop the vote on the 25th, just to make sure people see it.

Choose which one you think I should do:

1. Normal Mon-Wed-Fri updates
2. 5 Part weekly updates on Wed
3. A monthy episode update (If an episode is less then 20 pannels Ill upload the next episode as well, though there will be exceptions if it would run into a lengty eipsode.)
4. Or somthing else (In which case you need to elaborate.)

Start voteing Friday, and I will take the votes across all the following pages on the 25th, though only one vote per person, I may or may not count guest votes, or make some kind of ratio for guest votes, not sure. Prevents a single person influencing the comic too much...

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