Ep 3 Part 7 August 29th, 2011, 6:49 pm
Back but not, at the same time, insception!
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Not Dead, just not updating

The Comic is NOT Dead, School just started for me and I havnt had the time to get used to it, plus this is the single hardest year of school, and im taking advanced classes. So im going to try to fix a release Shedule and see if I can make use of Smack Jeeves's auto post delay for when you upload multiple comics. This means I can complete in bulk, then just leave it to update itself, there for I can work on more and have to spend less time messing with it's update shedule, plus if it works, Ill never miss a deadline....

After I build up a bulk.

So, what im going to do is build up some bulk in the next month or maybe less if I get motivated, then when I think I have enough Ill make it update automaticly, twice a week, maybe thrice, but probably not, unless I hit a ton of inspiration. But Im going to have to test with these next 2 first, so they may or may not have a strange release date, im posting both at the same time, but one with a day delay so it comes out at the same time the next day. If it works, then by October, The comic should be up and running, just in time for my Birthday!

The above is not realted to this page, so this is!

Im not to sure exactly where I want to go with her, but unfortunatly I have to progress with her before I can move ahead on the other side....

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